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About Us

Origin Labs, Inc

Origin Labs, Inc. was founded in 2019 to bring pharma-grade products to the marketplace. The lab developed their flagship brand and its patent-pending, NFC smart label technology to bring transparency and accountability to an industry lacking standardization. The company features a team of advisors that includes scientists, PHDs, MDs, Venture Capitalists and CPG experts.

In swift response to COVID-19 and in an effort to help companies mitigate its effects, Origin Labs, Inc. has leveraged its partners and vast supplier network to address the demand for PPE and help companies fill orders expeditiously. As these companies determine how to navigate this unforeseen crisis and its far-reaching effects, Origin Labs, Inc. is taking the guesswork out of sourcing PPE and helping companies stay afloat amidst this pandemic.

Our team and partners have streamlined pricing, quality, quantities, shipping and logistics (including customs) and have positioned ourselves as the premier source for PPE at competitive pricing and in record turnaround time.